Come to our Aquapark and enjoy the variety of activities and animation. Almost every day in our Aquapark  we organize a lot of events. We are trying to give awards to those who are best and most persistent in our activities and competitions. The content of these activities is dedicated to all generations. In these activities you can have fun and learn something new too. Every animation is interactive, so our animators will give you opportunity to try things that you didn’t have tried yet.

Multislide competition

Multislide is one of the slides which gives you possibility to share the feeling of feel of joy with your closer friends and family. On this slide almost every day we have competition in fastest descent. The fastest competitors are rewarded with free tickets.

Aqua aerobics

Train and relax together. It’s about exercises which we have every day on Fast river pool. Our trainers will show you how to relax in water and train at same time.  We know that Aqua aerobic is really popular because of that we decided to our visitors be up to date with new trends. 

  • Aqua aerobics Aqua aerobics
  • Aqua aerobics Difrents programs
  • Aqua aerobics For all

If you are in Budva during your vacation, you have a unique opportunity to train Aqua aerobic in our Aquapark. Come and train with us!

Bubble attractions

On kids pool we have a lot of animations which are dedicated to our youngest visitors, but for adults too.

  • Bubble attractions Bubble attractions
  • Bubble attractions Bubble attractions
  • Bubble attractions Bubble attractions

Attractions with bubbles and soap is favorite activity of kids but it is enchanting for all ages. This kind of a show is perfect for kids because it’s quick, colorful, filled with music and very interactive. You’ll be amazed with what our artists can do with bubbles.