We are waiting for you in the new season 2018
from June 1 to the end of September!

Aquapark Budva is a place made for your enjoyment, enterteiment and battery charging. At the entrance you will feel the positive energy of our Water city.

Friends already told you about us? They told you about an unforgettable experience on the unique attractions and great fun? As much as they recounted their experiences from our Aquapark, certainly they were sketchy. Sometimes you miss words when you try to explain adventure full of adrenaline. On our Kamikaze slide 26 meters high and 67 meters long, while descending at the speed of 80 km/h, you will feel the power of free-fall and glourious landing. Fear? No need for that, we have organized a highly trained team of people responsible for your safety.

And then, when you get tired of Kamikaze, medium and small water slides, after sailing in our fast river and having a drink while relaxing in water or geting excited in a pool with giant waves, that is when we recommend you to have a final enjoyment in the pool with hydro massage loungers. Believe us when we tell you that you will feel the pleasure like the one being offered by Thai massage.

We assume that you no longer need to be persuaded to visit us. After all, enough of writing, you must try it. No doubt that your thoughts about our Aquapark will be the positive ones.