Visitors are kindly asked not to bring food, beverage, arms, knives and other dangerous objects due to safety and health reasons.

–              You cannot shop with cash inside Aqua Park, payment in restaurants, bars and shops will be performed using your wristband only.

–              You may top up deposit on your wristband only at the spots determined for top-up.

(Entrance to AquaPark, three positions inside Aqua Park visibly marked for deposit top-up).

–              Payment with wristband will be performed as follows: you choose your favorite commodities, hold your wristband to the sensor of fiscal cash register and wait for your fiscal receipt.

–              If you have unspent money on your wristband, you may withdraw it onlyat the exit from Aqua Park.

–              When exiting Aqua Park, we kindly ask you to return your wristband in order to be able to leave Aqua Park area.

If you wish to rent a locker, it is necessary to address a cashier at the entrance.

When entering Aqua Park Budva, it is mandatory to show the content of your bags.

–              Facility is under video surveillance.

–              Please take your fiscal receipt.

Thank you in advance.

Management of AquaPark Budva